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Foundational Series

Does your organization have the foundational skills to continue to drive success? The Growth Coach was founded on the principal of driving success and balancing lives. These programs are designed to help business owners and industry professionals embrace the Strategic Mindset Process to drive success and build more balanced lives by preparing business owners, managers, and sales teams to think strategically in everything they do.

Strategic Business Mindset

Are you interested in earning more and simplifying your life?Strategic Business Mindset is our signature service, unique to The Growth Coach. Our proprietary Strategic Mindset® process takes you on a journey to see the “big picture”.

Sales Mastery

Having trouble turning referrals into closed deals?Sales Mastery can help you deepen relationships, shorten the sales cycle, and achieve greater profitability.

Strategic Manager

Need help developing strong managers to lead efficient and effective teams?Our Strategic Manager program is specifically designed to bring out the best in your managers.

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No one starts a business dreaming of punching a time clock seven days a week and doing all the work. Unfortunately, that is where many small business owners end up. When you are in the weeds running your business, it is hard to think about strategic planning and business development. I am Corey Frasure, the owner of The Growth Coach of Northern California, and I want to help you step back and evaluate your business, create a plan for improvement and then be accountable for that plan. You cannot BE the business and have it be successful.


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